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Rebuilding Lives UK

Supporting Survivors of Domestic Abuse

“ Rebuilding Lives UK empowers survivors of domestic abuse on the road to recovery
by helping them with emotional support, home maintenance, security and repair”

Charity Values

Our Values Drive How We Work


We believe that everyone deserves a secure, warm, relaxing and comfortable home environment.


We are passionate about the prevention of domestic abuse and other associated forms of abuse.


We believe survivors can rebuild their lives through empowerment and positive change.


We support all individuals and never discriminate. We are inclusive and non-biased.


Our referrals process is non-biased and points-based. We care, listen, understand and never judge.


The majority of funds raised go directly to support survivors and we are clear how funds are used.

How it all started….

Naima Ben-Moussa

“The Lady in Red”

Naima is a survivor. As a child she witnessed domestic abuse and was sexually assaulted as a child. She has lived through different forms of abuse and assault whilst in foster care and raped as a young woman. She knows the impact that abuse and violence has on an individual and has fought very hard to be the person she is today. Having battled with her own mental health and PTSD, she learned to reach out for help and willed herself to strive forward. It is a process and a challenge to this day. A proud show of strength that we know many people can relate to. She credits much to her foster dad, who showed her what trust and kindness looks like, and inspired her to complete a plastering course, which she did in August 2020. She carries the qualities he instilled in her into Rebuilding Lives UK. Kindness and compassion.

Shortly after completing her plastering course Naima went to look at a job and met “Suzanne”, a lady who had suffered domestic violence at the hands of her ex partner and who was living in the destruction he had reaped on her home. Suzanne had planned to use her income support to pay for repairs to create a safe and whole environment for her children. Once Naima saw the devastation, she refused any payment and in her words said, “I just saw a survivor”.

Naima began fundraising in order to pay for materials and her actions garnered media attention and an interview on Jeremy Vine’s BBC2 radio show. From there the public rose up in their support and donated to her cause, sparking the founding of Rebuilding Lives UK with a goal to help as many survivors as possible

What We Do In A Nutshell

How Rebuilding Lives UK Supports Survivors of Domestic Abuse


We repair damage done to homes, fixings and furnishings as a result of domestic abuse. This also includes decorating. We prioritize making the property safe. We believe that a secure, safe and comfortable living space is essential to post-abuse recovery.


We actively support and empower victims and survivors of domestic abuse during their recovery. This includes and involves mental health support as well as working with other multidisciplinary support teams to deliver the best possible outcome. Our future aspirations include a variety of trauma-informed projects, ranging from well-being and mindfulness sessions to body-based trauma healing workshops and DIY sessions.


We help recovering survivors and victims of domestic abuse to secure their homes. This includes things such as new locks, helplines, safe-houses, cameras, rape alarms and other security devices.


We advocate against domestic violence and all associated forms of abuse. This includes raising awareness in the media and working with the police and local authorities as well as through our own media channels.

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Nina Hossain


Our Ambassador

Why Nina is supporting Rebuilding Lives UK

I am supporting this charity for one reason: its founder, Naima Ben-Moussa. An interview she did on The Jeremy Vine Show stopped me in my tracks. Her story and how she is using her experience to help others is remarkable.

I love the simplicity of Rebuilding Lives UK. Its mission is to offer victims of domestic abuse practical help, to turn a house back into a home. What Naima has already achieved is incredible, but what she can go onto do with growing support, is vital and exciting.

About Nina

Nina is an award-winning journalist and ITN newscaster. She can be seen across the UK each week on the ITV Lunchtime News, and also presents News at Ten, having joined ITV more than 15 years ago.

She has twice been named the Royal Television Society’s Presenter of the Year for Regional News and has picked up three RTS Programme of the year awards when anchoring ITV News London and the ITV Evening News.

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