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Try a charity coffee morning

How to set up your own coffee morning

Setting up a coffee morning is a great opportunity to connect with friends, family or colleagues through games, refreshments and collecting donations to support survivors of domestic violence. Below is how you could set up your coffee morning :

  • Event planning- Determine the number of people, date and location for the coffee morning. 
  • Budget- Estimate the cost of tea, coffee, snacks, decorations and venue rental (if applicable) 
  • Games- Decide on what games you might like to play with your guests based on familiarity of your guests e.g. quizzes, board games, charades…
  • Donation goal- Set up a donation goal that covers all of your expenses and contributes to Rebuilding Lives UK. 
  • Preparation- Get everything you need for your coffee morning. 
  • Donation collection- Set up a GoFundMe account so people can donate before or after the coffee morning. 
  • Invitations- Send out invitations and share GoFundMe links on social media and send them to friends, family and colleagues. 
  • Event execution- Set up your coffee morning. 
  • Donation collection- During your coffee morning, have someone designated to collect money and have a QR code on hand so people can donate if they do not have cash on them. Once you have collected money, send donations via our donation page – you can use various ways to donate including via Paypal and bank transfers.

Ways to collect donations

Making a GoFundMe page is the easiest way to bring attention to your challenge, collect sponsorship form friends, family, and acquaintances and share with them the details of your charity challenge.

Download flyers

Click on the image to download a flyer you can use to promote your Bake Sale. When the image opens up fully you’ll need to right click on it and click Save image as to save it to your computer.

Set up a GoFundMe page for Rebuilding Lives UK

Don’t forget to tag us!

If you share details about your fundraising experience on social media, don’t forget to tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn!

Why we need your support

By fundraising with us, you will give our survivors a chance to repair their homes, make them safer and more pleasant and to eventually disengage emotionally and psychologically from disturbing memories and flashbacks of violence and harassment that the damaged appliances, walls, rooms or whole properties invoke.

No amount of money raised for our charity is small. Your every contribution is valuable and makes a difference in the lives and families of our survivors, as the examples below showcase.

£150 can help us to change the locks on a front door and fit a safety chain.
£350 can be used to replace a room door and repaint.
£550 can contribute to patching repair holes in plaster work and touching up areas.
£600 can help us to replace the carpet and under lay to an average room.
£1000 can be invested in replacing handrails, spindles and newel post for stairs.

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