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Fundraising Challenges

Do you feel that your life has been missing exciting and meaningful experiences lately?

Do you wish to celebrate a birthday or honour the memory of a loved one, while bonding with family members and friends over an achievement?

Do you want to challenge yourself and face self-limiting beliefs, conquer your fears and boost your self-confidence, while helping our survivors to rebuild their homes and lives?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is YES, we invite you to book your place at the UK’s most popular, inspiring, edge-of- the-seat, electrifying charity challenge events and fundraise for our cause.

Whether you choose to skydive or run in a Tough Mudder event, be ready to undergo a potentially soul-searching and personal development journey, similar in many respects to the one our survivors often experience.

The process of leaving domestic abuse situations and attempting to build safer, happier, more productive and fulfilling lives most often is accompanied by the struggle of having to overcome ‘I can’t do it’  and ‘I am not good enough’ attitudes and beliefs. It is not an easy road to take. It is rather an arduous, non-linear path of facing many ups and downs, overcoming muddy situations, losing courage, acknowledging the power within, finding courage again, gradually building resilience and self-confidence. But above all, it is a matter of persevering through self-imposed and external obstacles and approaching the finishing line as a better version of yourself.

Here are some other – very tasty – ways you can fundraise for Rebuilding Lives UK, whilst making yourself incredibly popular with friends, family, colleagues, community members or neighbours!

Love Festivals? Want to volunteer and raise money for Rebuilding Lives UK, in exchange for free entry to some of the UK’s best festivals?

We’ve recently teamed up with My Cause. Click below to find out more and to help Rebuilding Lives UK in this very fun way.

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