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Welcome to our fundraising page!

At Rebuilding Lives UK we rely on the support of public donations and fundraising events to help us spread our message of rebuilding and recovery for survivors of domestic abuse. You are already helping us to do this by taking the time to read this page so thank you!

Fundraising is a great way to get together with friends and family and have a fun, bonding experience all the while supporting survivors! Your event can be as challenging or as simple as you like, we will support you.

Fundraising Ideas!

Bake sale
Quiz night
Virtual quiz night
Walking challenge
Cycling challenge

Bucket List Challenges!

What’s on your bucket list?? Is there a challenge or experience you want to achieve? You can help others by reaching your goals!

Climb Snowdon, Skydive ,Trekking abroad… the list is endless

You can also join an event near you!

Simply look for local events that you are happy and able to participate in and get people to sponsor you to do the event.

Email us for a sponsorship form.

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