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How We Help

Who are Rebuilding Lives UK

Rebuilding Lives UK is a registered charity that supports survivors of domestic abuse by repairing damage to homes that has been caused by an abusive perpetrator or partner. This can range from helping to supply paint or furnishings to plastering and brickwork. Whatever has been damaged by violence we will repair with love. Our aim is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for survivors to heal in and begin their journey from surviving to living and thriving.

What We Do

To do this we assess what damage has been done to the home by the perpetrator and organise repairs. While we would love to makeover entire homes, we focus on the afflicted areas only and making the property safe, as we are trying to help as many survivors as we possibly can. We also never underestimate our survivors and the power they take back as they continue to reclaim their home themselves after we have completed our repairs.

We work with trusted tradespeople who have met our stringent checks and criteria and are well versed in our code of conduct. We put emphasis on safety and security by following our safeguarding policies and procedures and often by installing basic security features for the home and providing further information for extra security measures.

We work closely with survivors and discuss the work being carried out in their home. We wish for them to feel in control of their environment and listened to. We are passionate about aiding the process of healing in any way that we are able. Providing a positive environment and a welcoming home is a vital step in recovery but we are also here to listen to survivors and help to provide them with links to counselling and progressive resources in their area.

Our Aims

We hope to create a network of survivors through events and fundraising; to essentially build our own village, because sometimes it just takes one! We know that support is key and surrounding yourself with good people, pure intentions and tools for self-empowerment. No one should feel alone and one of our aims is to ensure that no one does.

Whilst repairing the homes of survivors is at our core, we are also working with larger interested companies on future projects for the betterment of our communities and survivors. So please follow our progress as we grow and build our vision.

Our Background

Rebuilding Lives UK was born from the generosity of the public and their kindness. After witnessing our lovely founder, Naima Ben-Moussa, trying to help just one person, the public came together in support of her cause and without that generosity Rebuilding Lives UK would not have been able to help the survivors that we have reached so far. And we have made such a positive impact in such a short space of time already! But sadly there are so many more survivors in need of our help and support.

We are currently based in Manchester but our heartfelt goal is to be nationwide as quickly as possible, and to do this we rely on the kind donations of the public. And we thank you, from the bottom of our dusty work boots!


If you would like to help by donating or joining us in fundraising please go to our fundraising page and join our village!

Volunteer Tradespeople

If you are a skilled tradesperson who would like to be involved with the work that we do then please visit our volunteer tradespeople page to contact us about projects in your area.

Thank you!

Naima x

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