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As a budding charity we are constantly learning and growing in our pursuit to help as many survivors as we can, utilising trauma-informed values practices and procedures.

In order to achieve this, we work alongside established agencies, with whom we share knowledge and resources and we take our referrals solely from them. This, also, allows us to reach out to those who most desperately need our help. And most importantly, to do this safely and with the support of our peers.

While we are steadily and diligently striving to become a nationwide charity, we are currently very proud to be working alongside the following brilliant and respected agencies towards our common goal of supporting survivors and ending domestic abuse:

Women’s Aid, Manchester

Crossroads, Derbyshire

Pearls of Cheshire, Cheshire

Juno Women’s Aid, Nottingham

With the help of public donations and our trusted and generous tradespeople, we hope to further expand the range of our influence in the near future. We thank you for donating and supporting, as we strive forward and grow. The antidote to abuse is kindness, and kindness is within everyone’s reach.

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