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Survivor Stories

Below are a small selection of Survivors own statements.
These are real world examples of how we are helping those who suffer domestic abuse.
These people are Survivors
(The names have been removed, to ensure anonymity)
(Warning: Some people may find the following stories distressing)

Survivor J

I have suffered horrific abuse now for many years.
But it didn’t start off that way, for the first 6 months I couldn’t believe my luck, I thought I had found love.

But what I later realised was I found a man that enjoyed to punish me. He was violent to me, on more than one occasion. He has almost killed me twice. He coercively controlled me and this translated to my home. He dismantled my home, ripping up floor boards and taking out bannisters in hopes to cause me serious harm. He threw out my flooring and damaged my walls. He was trying to take control of my life and for many years I felt I was too scared to confront him. This went on for 4 years…..

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Survivor S

I cannot thank Naima enough for all her help.
I had no money or any options, to sort the destruction of my home, that was left by my abusive ex partner. My children and I had no lights, walls ,flooring, sockets etc for over 8 months and living in the house was becoming unbearable. It was a constant reminder every day of what had happened.

When the work had been completed, I just cried because of the relief it brought me and the happiness on my kids faces, knowing we had our home back in one piece was just amazing.

It was a very emotional journey for me and deep down it lit a part of me back up and gave me the strength to keep going. I was at an all time low with no escape and Naima gave me a way out.

I will be forever grateful for everything naima has done to help me and I’m so happy that Rebuilding Lives UK will help other people to move forward and try to recover from their abusive past.

Survivor M

The last two years have been extremely tough for me, not only the shock and panic of Covid and being a single mother going through lockdown alone. I also was going through some traumatic times that quickly started to make my mental health
and emotional well-being deteriorate.

I quickly fell into a deep depression which resulted in me losing my love and interest in life. I was struggling to maintain my friendships and was beginning to fall out with everyone around me. The impact of my poor health was making parenting hard for me to cope with and began to lose the bond with my daughter which was starting to affect her. Although I could see this, I was so lost and alone and I didn’t know how to get out of the black hole I was in. I felt like I was drowning, and everyone around me was watching and didn’t know how to help me.

A good friend of mine heard my cries for help and told me about Naima and if I would be interested in speaking with her on how she could help. At first, I thought “no one could help me as no one understood” but after hearing about Jeremy and Rebuilding Lives UK, I thought I had to give her a chance and speak with her about how she could help. Naima introduced me to this wonderful councillor called Nicola.

The first few times speaking with Nicola I struggled with it as when you are so depressed you find speaking and letting others in difficult. I’d often make excuses to cancel my appointment or to not speak with Nicola for very long on the phone. But as time went on and Nicola’s patience towards me and doing things at a pace I was ready and comfortable with, I began to drop my guard and open up with her. I can honestly say that was the best thing I ever did. Nicola is such an amazing woman who knows her stuff. She has helped me understand so many of my struggles and worries. She hasn’t tried to rush my progress or rushed me to snap out of the way I’m feeling, yet her gentle approach and knowledge have made me finally see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. Many years of my battle and struggle with depression and anxiety, I can honestly say between my friend, Naima and her rebuilding program and the amazing councillor Nicola they have all SAVED MY LIFE!

Without them, I don’t think I’d be sitting here today able to write this message. It’s okay to not feel okay, but we don’t have to go through our darkest moments alone. Reviving counselling has had such a positive impact on my life and my mental health. I still have a journey to go but I know continuing my sessions with Nicola I will someday be able to live a more happy and positive life.

Survivor L

What a wonderful Organisation, and Naima is so lovely, I started speaking to her and learnt so much about her history from where I live and heard so many of her happy memories.

Setting up Rebuilding Lives UK and all those that are a part of it, helping Survivors get their new start and their new home looking and feeling safe and homely, something that makes a huge difference in the lives of those who are starting again, after going through so much.

My family were gifted a Dulux paint voucher, to help make our new home our own and for this I can’t thank Naima enough. Looking forward to hopefully being able to become a part of supporting your Organisation in 2022 and beyond xxx

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